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High quality off-the-shelf structured training data for organizations to build effective AI systems at Scale

Conversational AI
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Access clean, relevant & ethically sourced compliant datasets to speed up development.

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Speed your time to market by launching/upgrading your generic models by rapidly iterating Prototypes & MVP's.

Effective AI
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From projects spanning across  data types, industries & geographies globally, we have come a long way in servicing the AI value chain

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What Macgence. Offers
custom data sourcing

Custom Data Sourcing

High accuracy custom data sourced for your specific model needs from across the globe strictly adhering to GDPR, SOC 2 & ISO compliance.

Content Moderation

Content Validation Services

Validate your model output by our expert validation team to optimise & enhance your model’s accuracy.

Crowd as a service

Crowd as a service

A managed service specifically tailored to your model’s unique parametric requirements utilising domain specific manpower expertise only to ensure optimal outcomes.

Enterprise AI

Enterprise AI

Our flagship one of a kind service, we work on your mandates to develop a fully functional model from the ground up enabling you faster time to market, Product MVP prioritisation accelerating your strategic objectives.

Data annotation

Data Annotations/Enhancements

Experience data annotation & labelling with ~95% accuracy across data types for an impeccable model accuracy.

Managed model generation

Managed Model Generation

Allow us to hand hold you for an end-to-end model development solution led by domain specific SMEs encompassing the value chain right from Defining, POC, development to testing & validation.

Data validation

Data Validation

Ascertain your model’s initial throughput to get an unbiased SME opinion on critical model performance measures like drift, duplicity, ground truth response in the initial stages.



Enable transliteration, higher relevance & acceptance using our localization service to expand your model’s functionality to meet functional, linguistic, and cultural needs of a specific market or audience.

Gen AI_LLM Augmentation

Generative AI & LLM augmentation

Exceptional one of a kind service where we augment your existing domain specific LLM models by providing access to high quality data as well as supporting your existing capabilities using our custom RLHF techniques.

Model Validation

Model Validation

Establish an effective validation framework that safeguards your models against biases & drift through our proven methodology tailored for you to enable accurate predictions, interpretability & continuous model monitoring.

Small & Dedicated Groups

You'll be part of small learning group on the same level.

Happy & Joyful Atmosphere

Pleasant scholar mood is the key point.

Tailor-made Tutoring

The learning plan will focus on your individual needs.

Benefit from our Global AI Data Collection Services with Global expertise, local relevance

Macgence AI Training Data Engine

By combining global linguistic, cultural and technological expertise, we have already created high-quality datasets to enable your AI model faster time-to-market across the entire model value chain.


AI Data Collection Services

With more than 5 years of experience supporting and scaling AI initiatives of leading global innovators, Macgence can design a custom data collection program that addresses the data collection needs of a variety of use cases. By creating the AI data collection methodology and delivering high-quality data, our end-to-end solutions ensure that our clients receive legal and regulatory compliant training data.

AI Training Data

The task of handling AI training data is not an easy one, but we make it easier for you by offering the following services:


In order to utilize unstructured textual data effectively, Macgence provides cognitive annotation services that can help organizations unlock the huge potential of unstructured textual data.


Speech data consists of audio and text data used in speech recognition training.  Speech recognition systems are trained by analyzing the frequency of audio snippets and corresponding words. Speech data annotation is what we specialize in.

Audio Data Collection

We specialize in machine vision and provide image annotation services to businesses worldwide through the talent of our developers. With the talents of our developers, we are specialized in machine vision and provide image annotation services to businesses around the world.

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With our award-winning video analysis tools, video data absorbs our in-depth expertise and analysis, capturing hidden nuances within unstructured video. You can extract valuable insights from your video data by analyzing lifelike industrial robots or enhancing a consumer’s shopping experience using AR or VR.

Video Training Data

Our Use Case Expertise


Our end to end AI solution value chain

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Data Protection & Compliance


End-to-End AI Training Services


Impeccable Quality & TAT


Global Sourcing Competence


A Trusted Name in AI

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